I have a dog whom I love very dearly. Like most of the dogs I suppose, he is in the habit of chewing things (only his, fortunately). Recently he kind of destroyed his own bed for which I paid a fairly big amount of money, considering it’s a dog bed, so I thought I’d take up the challenge and build him a more sturdy one in the near future.

So I was searching the internet for interesting, stylish ideas (since he does live inside my home) and I thought I’d share here my findings and maybe inspire some of you to build / buy one for your four-legged friend as well 🙂


Solid wood dog bed by Kincaid Furniture via

Recycled milk crate dog bed by Sammy’s Backyard Craft


Shabby chic dog bed via

Reclaimed wood dog divan via

Salvaged wood and recycled dog bed by Recycled Brooklyn

And my very favourite made by Liron Tzanhany

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