I love to see people going wild and express their creativity through the very different forms of design. And the cool idea of turning a bus into a diner and meeting area is one of those things that makes me go: “Damn! Why didn’t I think of that?”. Thumbs up for the people at Village Underground Lisboa for this creative and inspiring idea.

In Lisbon, the work spaces are designed to host professionals from creative industries, amongst others, and the area consists of 14 shipping containers transformed into office space, and a conference room and café made from renovated double decker buses. However, Village Underground Lisboa is a multipurpose space serving also as a stage for concerts, or hosting exhibitions, theater shows, or conferences, some of which are co-productions with Village Underground London.

Work during the day and party during the night? This is definitely my kind of a working space. Next destination? Lisbon, Portugal 🙂

Village Underground (VU) is an international platform that has existed in London since 2007 and arrived in Lisbon in 2014. It is part of Transeurope Halles, a European network comprising more than 50 independent cultural spaces, with a head office in Sweden. The Village Underground concept incorporates two distinct spaces: a working area for the creative community and a multicultural space. The project is based on the renovation of unused equipment and locations, to be reshaped and brought to life.

Photos via www.vulisboa.com and @villageundergroundlisboa.

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