Project Dutch Apartment

Project Dutch Apartment is an interior design project developed by George Nijland from Triple-D. Triple-D is an architecture and design studio from Oosterbeek, Netherlands. The company has been making visualizations of architectural projects, interiors and industrial products since 1998. With a keen eye for detail, it focuses on delivering high quality architectural and artistic presentations.

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The Ivy Crescent Project

Ottawa-based studio Christopher Simmonds Architect recently completed their project call Ivy Crescent, an architectural beauty that quickly caught the attention of the neighbourhood. The house is a two-story building located in New Edinburgh, Ottawa. Soon after its completion it was also awarded the New Edinburgh Heritage and Development “B.R.I.C.K.” (Burgh Renovation Improvement and Construction Kudos)…

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Big ideas in small spaces

Usually I don’t really enjoy small, crammed spaces because they make me feel claustrophobic but with the right interior design you might just convince me to move in. So here is a 3d visualisation of a 32 sqm, one room apartment in Moscow that I particularly like. The idea was hatched by Curly Studio, an…

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