Velizar Dimitrov‘s work was already featured on DSGN Corner in a previous post (The industrial bedroom) which has gathered some attention so now I wanted to come back with another interior design visualisation of his that caught my eye.

I named this post “A college dream” because that’s where my mind flew when I first saw the pictures. I would have absolutely loved a place like this back in college. Hell, I would love a place like this even now, when I’m playing the serious guy working 9 to 5 every day, but I’ve always felt younger in mind and spirit than I really am :).

Altough I’m usually against black or dark colored walls as they make a room feel less spacious and gives me a feeling of anxiety, the overall color combinations used by Velizar Dimitrov throughout the room really blows my mind and gives me a very confortable feeling.

Posted by:Adrian Bogdan

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