Hi there! I do apologize for my prolonged absence but I’ve been awfully busy these past few weeks with my work and at home and I hardly had any time to check my feeds let alone post anything. Well now I’m back…sort of. I’m still quite short on spare time but I promised myself I would try to post new ideas at least once or twice a week.


So, one thing I’ve been focused on lately in my very limited spare time was crafting myself a nice wooden bicycle rack. Yeah, crafting…I like building things :). I’ve been searching the internet for interesting ideas and for all you bicycle freaks out there that like to hang your bicycles in style, here is what I found. Promise I’ll post my own after it’s finished too 🙂


Knife & Saw bike rack

Mikili bike rack and book shelf (more awesome racks can be found on their site)

Elevate Walnut and Poplar bike racks (they also have these stained in various eye-popping colors on their website)

Ballou Projects bike rack and bike stand

Oak Wood bike hanger “Elk” and “Iceberg” by Woodstick (they also have some pretty interesting wooden bike handles too)

Cantilever And Press Wall Mounted Wood Bike Rack found via

Although not wall mounted, I liked this simple idea as well – Pinch Bike Stand

718 made in Brooklyn bike rack via

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