Well here’s an interesting idea! Don’t you just hate those moments when you have to plug in your phone charger, laptop, iPod, iPad or God-knows-what other gadget/device and the power outlet is placed anywhere but in sight? You, have to reach in the back of the sofa or under the desk and just guess how those darn holes are oriented. And it’s more frustrating when your device threatens to close down in case you don’t manage to find those holes in time :). So for those of you that know what I’m talking about, here’s a clever solution provided by Suhyun Yoo, a student at Kookmin University from Seoul, South Korea, specialized in industrial design.

‘DONUT’ consent has a donut-shaped hole in the middle instead of two small holes. This makes life a lot easier because you can plug in all directions. You are not being constrained by just two holes.­­­­­


Posted by:Adrian Bogdan

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