Have you ever thought about using pallets for…well, more than just carrying heavy loads? I know I have, but that was just after I saw a really nice couch design made from pallets and pillows a few days ago while scouring through some interior and product design sites. I didn’t give it too much thought then, but today I stumbled upon the very interesting work of Martin Leveque from Les M&M designers.

Martin is a product & space designer from Belgium. His designs are charaterized by estetic simplicity while his approach towards the design projects he is involved in also takes the environmental and social aspects of a product into consideration.

Designed and built for the book “100% déco Palettes, faites vos meubles” (or “100% Pallet, from freight to furniture”) the five items are part of a 21 DIY design projects and were created having the do-it-yourself and recycling concepts in mind. According to the designers, the furniture items should be farily easy to build, so you don’t have to be a very skillful carpenter to assemble them yourself as long as you have the building instructions at hand.


So there you have it! If you have some pallets lying around, the right set of tools, some basic carpenting skills and some free time you can build your own original furniture items.

Photos by: Jérome Blin

Posted by:Adrian Bogdan

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