Cube House ( or Casa Cubo) is a sigle family house designed by Ricardo Agraz from Agraz Arquitectos. The house was completed in 2006, the site area ocupies a surface of 780 sqm and is located in Zapopan,Mexico.
It was built on an inclined terrain so the backside of the house opens twards the hillside offering attractive views to a ravine rich in beautiful scenes.


The natural slope suggested placing all public areas of the house over the upper bound, saving the low topography for the private precincts of the program; this is, to allow the dwelling of the land unevenness.





In the lower level, towards the street, are the carports as well as the house entrance, living and dinning rooms, kitchen and terrace, making a public come together.




In the lower plant, bedrooms and a small living room possess the garden, taking shelter in the deepness of the terrain. It is the place where private life finds its turn, refugee in the endless green that sees the house come up to take outside plenitude.


Photographer: Mito Covarrubias
Posted by:Adrian Bogdan

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