Who doesn’t love working from home at least once in while? Working from home is nice luxury these days. You don’t have to get all dressed up and cross half of town during rush hour only to get to a busy and in most cases boring office where ringing phones, constant noise and endless meetings are just part of the usual, normal day things around. Instead you can stay in your comfy pyjamas all day long, sip a cup of coffee from your favourite mug and enjoy your favourite tracks.

Yes, working from home is nice indeed and it can be very productive. In fact, some studies show that working from home can be even more productive than working in the office. However, if you are like me, then having an enjoyable workspace, that inspires you and stimulates your creativity, is also a very important part of this process. So here are 15 of my favourite workspaces that are sure to spur your creativity and make work a very enjoyable process.

P.S. Initially I wanted to include only 10, but there are so many mind-blowing designs out there that I just had to extend the list 🙂

Photo credits: unknown (if you know the actual owners of any of these photos, please let me know and I will make sure to share the credits)

Posted by:Adrian Bogdan

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